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About Nurbek

Currently based in Alexandria, Virginia, Nurbek Turdukulov has around three decades of business management for many different successful businesses. Nurbek’s career has spanned many countries and continents, and has led him to become a successful international businessman. He has worked as a research assistant and financial broker before moving into management roles. Since then, his management roles have included him being a founder and CEO, a chairman, a managing partner and a director. Since 2018, Nurbek has worked as the director of SeaNova Capital LLC. 

Many of Nurbek’s companies he founded have gone on to be huge successes. For example, he founded Areopag Bishkek Ltd in 1992 and worked as the CEO until 2004. This company became the first to launch paging services, commercial walkie-talkie systems and payphones in the country. In his time at this company, he also founded and worked as CEO of BITEL GSM Ltd, which quickly became the largest mobile operator in the Kyrgyz Republic. Many other companies he went on to serve at became top players in their industries. 

Nurbek Turdukulov has certainly had a number of wins in his active career. He has proven himself to have a deep knowledge of both his field’s success factors and risk factors. He has relied heavily on his past education in his field. Though he was raised to be a hard worker and has since done everything in his power to reflect this strong work ethic in all his positions, Nurbek also knows education plays a large role in achieving this. In fact, he has made sure to not only pursue both undergraduate and postgraduate studies but also to invest in professional training outside of traditional universities. He has taken every opportunity to learn more about business development and management, taking courses on how to organize the business of small and medium enterprises, business management, marketing for companies and PR in business. 

Nurbek’s continued dedication to education and effective business management is a large part of what earned him the “2002 Businessman of the Year Award.” He is a man who truly implements his education into his career, honoring the words of wisdom he has been given throughout his years of learning. He puts his heart into everything he does and has built a strong work ethic which permeates his companies he is leading.

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