There is no doubt that an entrepreneur has to wear many hats. This is particularly true because the more things an entrepreneur can do to get their business up and running, the less they need in startup capital. In addition, the less an entrepreneur has to pay someone else to do things for them, the more they have to invest in building or expanding the most critical areas of their business.

While an entrepreneur will always be busy, the amount of time and skill a certain task will change over time. For instance, it might be fairly easy for entrepreneurs to do their accounting when they are solopreneur or have one or two employees. As their business grows and their finances become more complicated, they may want to hand that off to a professional. If entrepreneurs can do their books when their business is small, they can save a great deal of money.

Similarly, an entrepreneur may want to build a simple website or develop simple marketing materials when they start. They may want to hire a professional web developer or marketing company as they grow. When an entrepreneur is first getting their company up and running, they may need only the most simple materials to get things going. This is why continuing education is so important to an entrepreneur.

Not only are industries constantly changing, but the more tasks an entrepreneur can do themselves, the less they have to hire other people to do them. Again, when a business is just getting off the ground, the difficulty level for specific tasks is fairly low. As the business grows, you can start to bring in professionals, but you should have a better budget for them by that time.

While there are a few exceptions, you can bring in investors to reach the stage, and you generally have to have made a pretty significant investment in your business yourself. This can be a financial investment certainly, but more often than not, what an entrepreneur invests in their business first is their time. In many cases, that is all they have to invest. However, the more skills you have, the more significant the investment you can make in your own business.