Like most people, entrepreneurs need inspiration at some point in their lives. There are many things that can inspire us, and watching some thought-provoking movies can be a great way to get some inspiration. Regardless of your current path in entrepreneurship, these movies will help you find some much-needed inspiration.

The Social Network
The Social Network, which David Fincher directs, tells the story of how Mark started Facebook while he was studying at Harvard. He was then sued by the brothers, who claimed that he stole their idea, as well as his best friend, who was eventually removed from the company.

The film shows how Facebook started, as well as reminding us that many companies have small beginnings. Also, you have Aaron Sorkin’s script, David Fincher’s direction, and an ensemble cast that includes actors such as Andrew Lincoln and Jesse Eisenberg.
If you’re looking to learn more about the rise of internet businesses during the dot-com bubble, is a great movie for you. It follows the story of the startup GovWorks, which failed spectacularly due to internal power struggles and mismanagement.

The documentary also talks about how friendships can get strained due to internal politics. It’s easily one of the most underrated movies about entrepreneurship.

Wall Street
Oliver Stone’s Wall Street is about greed and ambition. It features a great performance by Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen, who respectively play the lead characters. The main character, Bud Fox, idolizes Gordon Gekko, but he gets carried away by his lavish lifestyle and gets caught up in the world of insider trading.

Young entrepreneurs often get lured into making morally reprehensible decisions due to greed. Wall Street serves as a great cautionary tale about how ambition can lead to unethical behavior.

Steve Jobs
Michael Fassbender is the star of Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs, which is a different kind of biographical film. It features a total of three short sequences, all of which depict a crucial point in Jobs’ life. The film, which Aaron Sorkin writes, also includes great performances by Kate Winslet.

Although it wasn’t as well-reviewed as the studio hoped for, Steve Jobs is still a great movie. If you’re a fan of Walter Isaacson’s biography, then this film is a must-see.