A country built by people who sought new opportunities, America has a long history of entrepreneurship. Nowadays, things are different after the digital age’s arrival and the pandemic’s complications. Nevertheless, clever entrepreneurs have emerged from various countries.

Chris Winfield

Mr. Winfield is the editor at Thrive Global, a U.S. company selling behavior change technology. Utilizing a set of procedures influenced by scientific behavior analysis and accepted by scientists, the approaches of Thrive Global are designed to bring about behavioral changes and help people build genuine relationships.

Chad Dillow

CEO of Primal Steakhouse and builder of one of the most innovative spaces in Las Vegas, Primal Steakhouse entrepreneur Chad Dillow discovered how to turn a basic restaurant into a unique medieval experience that families and kids thoroughly enjoy.

Gretta Rose van Wiel

With only $24 in her bank account, Gretta Rose launched her successful SkinnyMe Tea startup. More than 11 million cups of her tea were sold in only five years worldwide.

Josue Pena

Josue Pena is known as the leader in Instagram growth hacking. His expertise has allowed him to build a seven-figure company using Instagram. Today, he assists others in accomplishing the same thing. Pena’s expertise has brought him endorsements from Les Brown and Grant Cardone. This brilliant digital marketer also speaks on the stage.

J.B. Owen

Ms. Owen is a 17-time bestselling author, publisher, world-class speaker, and owner of businesses worldwide. As the Founder and CEO of Ignite Publishing and Ignite Moments Media, J.B. Owen is responsible for publishing more than 700 authors’ works.

Jeremy Anderson

Few thought Jeremy Anderson would succeed in life. But, after failing in school and despite having Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Jeremy is now a public speaker who has addressed millions and has assisted others in bouncing back. He has also provided training in public speaking to thousands of people.

Ximenia Garcia

Ximenia Garcia is the Founder & CEO of EQUALS TRUE, a software development company, and the co-founder of ATHENAWORKS. Located in Latin America, this leading DEI is a highly driven entrepreneur. She is dedicated to empowering minorities, women, and those who are disadvantaged by bringing them into the technology industry.