Is customer appreciation currently a part of your marketing strategy? If not, it could be negatively impacting your business. Customer satisfaction goes beyond simply being polite – the bare minimum is not enough. Customers value their experience while shopping; doing something special to let your customers know you value them is essential. Incorporating a great customer appreciation strategy can raise your ROI and increase customer retention rates for your business.

To really make an impression, you need to go the extra mile. It doesn’t need to be expensive – get creative – even small everyday gestures can have a big impact. Customer appreciation is quintessential for a business to be successful and paramount for continued growth. Without customers, there is no business. To motivate loyalty, here are some customer appreciation tactics and advice to help you improve your customer appreciation strategy.

Write thank you cards.

One way to show your customers how much you value them is by sending individualized thank you letters. This is a meaningful way to demonstrate that your customers are important to your business and how much their support has aided in your success. When writing these thank you cards, focus on making them about the customer and not about trying to make a sale.

Send out coupons or gift cards.

For a way to show your gratitude to customers, you could pair a thank you card with coupons, gift cards, or discounts on products and services. This would demonstrate how devoted you are to your customers as well as express your appreciation.

Do customer spotlights.

It might be a cool concept to showcase some of your customers in a favorable light on your website, blog, LinkedIn profile, or other social media outlets. Let your customers know they can submit their story and a picture to be featured, and post them periodically. This will provide you with quality content for your digital channels, as well as show your customers that you value them and their input.

Launch a customer loyalty program.

Customer loyalty programs can be an effective way to show customers that you care. They can also lead to higher spending from repeat customers. Loyalty programs offer customers exclusive perks and special offers as an incentive for them to remain loyal to your business.

Provide an upgrade.

If you’re running a software or subscription-based business, one way to show you care for your customers is to provide them with a free upgrade. 

This could mean giving them access to the latest versions, so they can test out all the new features. Even if it’s just a trial period, it’s a great way to show customers how much you value them and can positively impact your ROI.

Distribute your company’s swag.

Giving away promotional items is a great way to make your company more memorable to customers. People tend to have a much more positive opinion of this type of marketing than they do of internet ads. Not only does giving away swag increase recognition of your brand, but it also makes customers more pleased with your company.

Release pre-sale notifications.

Of course, you want to do your best to make all your customers happy, but you should focus on giving extra attention to your most loyal customers. They’re the ones shopping more frequently and spending the most at your business. To show appreciation, you can send them pre-sale notifications through your email newsletter or social media. This will incentivize customers to join your mailing list and make your loyal clients feel valued.

Send personalized gifts.

Giving away free merchandise can be a great way to show appreciation to your customers, but adding a personal touch can n help ensure they stay loyal to your business. Sending a gift that you have personally selected appears to be more heartfelt, and make sure it is based on the customer’s interests or needs. This lets them know you take an interest in their life beyond your business.