The subject of leadership is a topic that has been debated for centuries, and with good reason. Although many may not realize it, there is a vast difference between being a leader and a boss. While bosses are sometimes leaders, that is not always the case. However, when they are leaders, they often inspire those around them to greatness. A great leader mentored the most successful entrepreneurs at one time or another. Here are three ways that great leaders inspire entrepreneurship.

Great leaders encourage intelligent risk-taking

Many bosses want their subordinates to do what they are told. They don’t wish associates to think for themselves since that might lead them to decide what a boss disagrees with. Great leaders, however, focus on helping their subordinates better understand how to make good decisions and the specific thought processes that go into doing so. Being an entrepreneur will always mean taking a risk, and great leaders help budding entrepreneurs learn how to take intelligent risks.

Great leaders recognize their way is not the right way for everyone

One of the most fundamental aspects of being an entrepreneur is having the ability to do things differently. Many bosses focus on teaching their subordinates their way of doing things, which they may often believe is the only way of doing things or at least the best way. The truth is, there are many ways of doing almost anything, and the most efficient way for one person to do things may not be as efficient for someone else. Great leaders encourage others to find their way, which can be invaluable for entrepreneurs.

Great leaders make themselves available without micro-managing

Great leaders have the uncanny ability to be both hands-on and hands-off all simultaneously. They let their subordinates know they are always available, they check-in and touch base to see how things are going, but they also give them plenty of room to make their own decisions and mistakes. However, when those mistakes happen, they don’t waste time blaming or pointing fingers. They roll up their sleeves and help them find a solution to their problem.