As green living gains even more attention, the benefits of making your office more eco-friendly can be measured in many different ways. In addition to saving you on overhead costs, creating an eco-friendly office will also garner positive attention for your business. Employment candidates, consumers, and even your staff will all value your organization more as they realize you take corporate responsibility seriously. Here are a few things you can do to get started.

Invest in Solar Energy

Solar energy used to be expensive, presenting a cost/benefit challenge for small businesses, but the costs associated with installing solar panel systems have dropped considerably. Additionally, you don’t have to maintain solar panels on-site to use the energy. If you rent office space, you can install the solar panel system off-site and direct the energy to your offices. This will help you to reduce how much electricity you draw from traditional sources.

Recycle Everything

If your business doesn’t already recycle its waste, you may have to get more involved to raise awareness and interest among your employees. However, almost all of the waste we generate can be recycled, so your effort in promoting this endeavor will have a positive effect. You should have separate recycling bins brought into your office for paper, plastic, and glass. You should also hire a service to take away full bins to recycle your office’s waste at the proper facilities.

Switch to Smart Technology

Many smart devices on the market will help you limit how much electricity your office uses daily. For example, a smart thermostat will help you control the temperature in your office, allow you to shut off service to unused portions of the building, and will enable you to shut off service to the office when no one is working. Smart light bulbs also help you regulate the use of electricity by keeping lights off in unused work areas. In addition, you can research more ways that innovative technology can reduce the amount of energy your office wastes.

You can also hold green challenges that encourage your employees to come up with new ideas for helping your office become more eco-friendly. You can offer prizes and recognition for winning suggestions. Additionally, bringing this issue to your employees will help them feel valued and more involved in the organization. In this way, going green can promote more positive company culture.