Many successful entrepreneurs love to point out how they dropped out of college. But college can still help prepare you for entrepreneurship. Here are some ideas on some helpful courses you can take.

You Should Still go to College

The cost of tuition and room and board rises every year. Why not take that money and invest in starting a business? While that might be tempting, that’s probably an unwise decision. Many colleges have age limits. If you spend a couple of years doing a business and hope to do College afterward, you might be out of luck. Additionally, the failure rate of entrepreneurship is very high.

Finance & Accounting

These two courses are critical for a business. You can do your books initially and maybe send them to a bookkeeper when you get larger. They help balance your budget and pay your taxes. Managing your cash flow is a critical aspect of running a business. Additionally, if you ever hope to sell your business, having well-kept books is key. Buyers will want to see a solid track record, with the backup to prove it.


If you have a business, selling your product to an audience is key. Marketing teaches you how to engage an audience. You’ll do things like create buyer personas and identify who your target audience is.

If there’s a digital marketing component, you might learn how to use pay-per-click ads and social media. This can come in very useful. While digital marketing can be outsourced, keeping everything in-house, at least in the beginning, will save you a small fortune.


In most businesses, you will rise to have at least several employees. You must learn to be a good leader. Delegating tasks and communication skills will be essential. When times get tough, you must learn how to motivate a team. Getting teams to collaborate takes a lot of skill.

Public Speaking

Most people have a tremendous fear of public speaking. Taking a class will allow you to attack that fear head-on. You’ll learn how to talk concisely, make an argument, deliver a presentation and improve your body language.

Writing & Composition

Some people never write again after they finish school. But entrepreneurs write a lot. Whether it’s press releases for newspapers, investor pitches, or blogging for your website, you’ll be using your writing skills constantly.

Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey. Many college courses can help prepare you for it.